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Buy SHIBU from Presale and start earning staking awards from January 20th

We unite celebrities, influencers and unique NFT’s with the traders and fan base. The Shibu marketplace shares part of its profit to charity and gives high staking rewards to all the holders of the deflationary SHIBU token

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SHIBU is the revolution in charity

Allowing you to make profits while giving back to society. SHIBU has created the perfect token that will appreciate in time as it is not subject to the whims and caprices of crypto whales. Not just another token; SHIBU provides an uncharted course into philanthropy, for the first time, you can eat your cake and have it. You buy SHIBU, make a profit and give back to charity. Buy your first SHIBU today.

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Why SHIBU platform is number 1

Involves CELEBRITIES & interested audience

Offers income generating opportunities

Provides charity 3.0 infrastructure

Gives access to group chats with celebrities

SHIBU token utility:

  • Only payment method on the platform
  • Access to people who made big profits on NFT
  • Unique insights & offers

Why SHIBU token will grow in price:

  • Limited token supply
  • Number of CELEBRITIES & NFTs growing exponentially
  • Deflationary model on every transaction

How to get profit from SHIBU

Invest in SHIBU token on early stage & hodl

Collect & trade rare NFT's

Stake your funds and get rewards

Buy SHIBU now!

How does it work?

6% tax fee at each transaction

Make money, give back to society – for the first time, you can achieve both goals with only one token – The SHIBU token. This is the new way of charity, get on board. The investor of today will be the philanthropist of tomorrow, with SHIBU leading the way, you can be sure of it.

2.5% Reflection Bonus

You help Charity, Charity helps you. SHIBU likes to reward his community! 2.5% of every transaction is reflected back to SHIBU holders in BUSD!

1% Burn

SHIBU token = Hyperdeflation! 1% of every transaction is automatically sent to the burn wallet to perpetually deflate supply!

1% Liquidity

1% is used for liquidity to ensure the SHIBU token stays healthy as we rise! A large and growing liquidity pool increases the stability of the coin and ensures no single transaction has a large impact.

1.5% Charity/treasury

¾ is used for Charity, Governed by Shibu token holders. ¼ is allocated to Shibu treasury

Shibu TV

Interview With Shibu Founders

Better World Fund
& Shibu

SHIBU is a token on Binance Smart Chain with great potential, providing support to various Humanitarian needs. Some of the important Actors from Hollywood and European cinema support the token and humanity is getting the much-needed help. The technical aspects are also very useful and up to date with the latest technological possibilities and smart tokenomics. Finally, it is great to see how much global support SHIBU is getting from all areas of society, industry, and the financial world. It is highly probable that SHIBU is and will be for many years a great success.

As a partner, we have picked Better World Fund as our official charity partner. You can check out their works here. This is how we are sure that we are giving back to society regardless of how talented the community members are. Better World Fund stages international prestigious events gathering celebrities, filmmakers, leaders, companies, and change-makers towards one purpose: make the international commitment for sustainable goals (SDG) a reality. We spotlight. We connect. We build bridges.

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Cannes Film Festival partners with SHIBU to to use MetaVerse Scanner during the event.
Total potential audience outreach: over 1 bln people

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